Nestled in the embrace of Mt. Tamalpais, Mill Valley was the site of one of the first lumber mills in California.  Newly-felled trees were brought here for milling and then sent to build the city of San Francisco.  The remains of the old mill can still be seen amongst the redwoods in Old Mill Park on Throckmorton Avenue.


Mill Valley features a charming downtown area with lovely shops,  fine food, and two live music venues.  The local Sequoia Theater hosts the annual Mill Valley Film Festival.  While Mill Valley has been a bedroom community for San Francisco, historically it has always had and continues to have a large population of artists/musicians/writers.


Mill Valley’s neighborhoods reflect this mix, with vintage summer homes next to converted stables next to modernist masterpieces.  Hillside living predominates but the Sycamore and Lomita neighborhoods feature flatter lots.  Mill Valley is the gateway to Mt. Tamalpais and the myriad outdoor activities that beckon there as well as the Pacific Ocean that lies beyond.


Mill Valley has its own school district and belongs to the Tamalpais Union High School District.  It is the home of Tamalpais High Schiool.