San Anselmo sits on the shoulders of Mt. Baldy, a foothill of Mt. Tamalpais.  Its skyline is dominated by the scenic castles and towers of the San Francisco Theological Seminary, whose bells can be heard hourly through many neighborhoods.  Downtown San Anselmo boasts some of the best shopping in Marin County and is especially known for its antiques. 


San Anselmo’s inland setting means its climate is warmer than that of coastal Marin.  Houses here tend to be a tasteful mix of styles, many set in beautiful gardens which thrive in the relative warmth.  Neighborhoods range from wooded and quiet to broad and open.  While San Anselmo is bisected by busy Sir Francis Drake Boulevard its neighborhoods are quiet and free of traffic for the most part.


San Anselmo is part of the Ross Valley School District and the Tamalpais Union High School District.  It is the home of Sir Francis Drake High School.